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America is a perfect destination made of different significant
attractions clubbed together.

In the Northeast, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and other
world-class cities bustle with life. Away from the cities, majestic
lighthouses along the Atlantic coastline give way to charming towns with
white church steeples and family farms. Mountains and valleys turn
crimson and orange with autumn's changing leaves, then white with
winter's snowfall.

The Southeast is known for its spectacular landscapes, from the vibrant
foliage of the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee to
the mist-shrouded bayous of Louisiana and the stunning beaches of
Alabama and Florida. The cities of the Southeast are also famous for
their culinary delights and rich history and culture, as well as their
gracious, welcoming people

The West is a land of contrasts where visitors find soaring mountains
and hard-working cowboys, as well as chic ski resorts, innovative
cuisine and glitzy Las Vegas. Help round up cattle at a guest ranch or
shop for luxury brands at upscale boutiques. Explore some of the
nation's most stunning national parks or make plans to attend Utah's
legendary Sundance Film Festival.

The Pacific region is defined by its coastline, alternately lined with
sandy beaches, rocky cliffs or gentle tide pools, and fringed with palm
trees or dense pine forests. In this diverse region, explore vast
glaciers, lush canyons, towering redwood forests and sunny islands
scattered in pristine bays. Native American cultures add richness toart
and history here.

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