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 Europe is the home to some of the most prominent and
captivating monuments and structures that are listed as UNESCO world
heritage sites, every part of Europe stands tall as a trying testimony
of its glorious past. Distinctly divided into three regions- Western
Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe- each one is more enchanting
that the other. What adds to the continent's charm is its diversified
geographical bifurcation with the Scottish highlands in the northern
parts, Hungarian plains down south, mountains in the Central Europe, and
highlands in the southern area.

                Europe is a treat in more ways than one, and the local
confections make it all the sweeter. You may already know about Belgian
chocolate and Italian gelato. But that's just the start of the sweet
treats found in Europe. Let your taste buds travel the continent

Europe is literally a land of plenty. It has something for everyone. For
instance, adventure lovers can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain
biking and even get a taste of the La Tomatina Festival. History Buffs
will thoroughly enjoy the archeological ruins and the many museums
doting the entire continent while art lovers can get lost for hours or
even days in the many art galleries all over Europe. And finally, for
those who are just here to take in the sights, the London Eye and the
many city tours are just perfect!

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